Biography, Gender, and History: Nordic Perspectives



Book launch seminar

Time: Fri 9.12.2016 at 13-16

Place: Seminar room Tempo (E211), Sirkkala/Minerva building, Kaivokatu 12, University of Turku, Finland

Department of Cultural History and SELMA will organize a seminar to celebrate the publishing of a Nordic anthology Biography, gender, and history: Nordic perspectives. It will be the 14th in the Series of Cultural History – Kulttuurihistoria published by the publisher k&h. The seminar consists of speeches by the writers of the book and an invited guest speaker, Professor Maria Sjöberg from the University of Gothenburg, who will be telling us about an ongoing Swedish digital project Swedish women on-line.

The seminar is open to all interested!

Please, remember to register viaKonsta until 7th December: OR (password: biography)


13.15 Opening words, Maarit Leskelä-Kärki

Historical biography now! Tiina Kinnunen & Maarit Leskelä-Kärki


14.00 A Biographical Dictionary of Swedish Women –

possibilities and difficulties

Maria Sjöberg (University of Gothenburg)


15.00  Group biography, manhood and religion, Antti Harmainen


15.30 Book launch with sparkling wine!


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