Hanna Meretoja

Hanna Meretoja is Professor of Comparative Literature, director of SELMA, and a PI in the research consortium Instrumental Narratives (Academy of Finland, 2018-22) at the University of Turku. Her research interests lie mainly in the fields of narrative studies, cultural memory studies, trauma studies, hermeneutics, medical humanities, and the interrelations between literature, philosophy, and history. Her monographs include The Ethics of Storytelling: Narrative Hermeneutics, History, and the Possible (2018, Oxford University Press) and The Narrative Turn in Fiction and Theory: The Crisis and Return of Storytelling from Robbe-Grillet to Tournier (2014, Palgrave Macmillan) and she has co-edited, with Colin Davis, The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma (2020, Routledge) and Storytelling and Ethics: Literature, Visual Arts and the Power of Narrative (2018, Routledge).

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