Kaisa Ilmonen

Kaisa Ilmonen, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research fellow in TIAS, Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, and works at the department of Comparative Literature. Her research areas include Caribbean studies, postcolonial studies, queer studies and intersectionality. Currently Ilmonen is particularly interested in narrativity included in theoretical discourse about intersectionality.  Few of her publications concerning SELMAs main areas include Caribbean Journeys. Intersections of Female Identity in the Novels of Michelle Cliff. (Annales Turkuensis, 2012), ”Vapaus (post)koloniaalisen modernin myyttinä.” Teoksessa Säännellyt vapaudet: Tulkintoja toiseuden tuottamisesta. Marianne Liljeström ja Marko Gylén (Toim.). UTU-kirjat, 2014), and co-edited book Seeking the Self – Encountering the Other. Diasporic Narrative and Ethics of Representation. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholar’s Publishing (2008). Ilmonen is also interested in storytelling and experientiality in drama and theatre, and she is a member of the board in multiarts group Third Space whose central focus is the internal dialogue between, and an investigation of, the relationship between art and science. Contact: kailmo@utu.fi.